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To Kuya, Tita and The Three Unknown Men



First of all, I wanted to apologize that it took me two months before writing to you. I was too busy keeping my self occupied with other things. I thought it will lessen the anguish.


I want to express everything lightly and not mellow-dramatic but there's just no easy way to say goodbye. Our memories, from childhood to adolescents to being young adults are rich in hope, love and dreams.


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Untitled Poem #1





We are just ordinary people
bound to make mistakes sometimes
expected to be fair and reasonable
failing once in a while is understandable

We are all made of flesh and blood
we are capable to live and love
we can make good and bad decisions
normal to feel hurt, joy and tensions

We are unique in our own little ways
lets not deny we have similarities in face
but that doesnt mean we are quite similar
for some are ordinary, some are popular

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The Joke.

I dont know if someone is trying to play a practical joke on me. But one thing Im sure of, something is wrong.

I was off from work last night due to some stupid fever. I came to work early tonight. Just the usual routine  --entered the premises, manong guard checked my bag, came to elevator, badged my ID then went to my locker. BOOM!  There in my locker are two sheets of tickets which I thought are just ordinary RAFFLE tickets. Somebody forcefully slid two tickets to the door of my locker that when I opened it those tickets dropped on the floor.

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The Look of Love...




is in your eyes





while looking at her.








Here I go again. I still dream of you, I still think of you, I still long for you. I am still...

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Pahabol sa Ondoy






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Yolak69, May 8, 2009










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Grand EB-adlesirc's version

may after shock pa ako ng grand eb kaya ikukwento ko na...


kwentuhang umaatikabo nung magkita-kita ang grupo. walang hiya-hiya nung lunch time na, lahat kami kumain ng naka-kamay sa dahon ng saging! (yum yum) kanya kanyang kuha at dampot na ng pagkain. tahimik ang lahat habang lumalapang, halatang gutom na talaga.

pagkatapos ng lunch, pahinga ng konti sabay bukas ng gilbeys,ayos! laklakan na. pero hindi naman talagang lasingan.. tagayan lang ang nangyari. 

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PrinsesaTalulot May 3, 2009

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si Ped Xing...










ay grumadweyt na.. with flying colors!!!

Congrats Ped!

Galing-galing! Honor Student!

Ped, Sana maramdaman namin ang handa mo

berger! berger!

Woot! Woot!

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where can I buy time?

Yes, yes I've been away

But I was never gone

My heart could'nt leave behind

The place I learned to love

Yes, I've been quiet

Have faced some things

But my mind never stopped wishing

for "time" that I've always been missing

Then I realized

Life is a matter of priorities

you can never do all things at the same time

all the things you MUST do

and the things you LOVE to do

has their own chances

has their own time

patience, faith, focus

hope and perseverance

there will come a time

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