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kaylan ba ang tamang panahon?

Sa wari ko’y wala na, akala ko’y tapos na

Oo batid kong napawi na’ng sakit dulot ng pag-ibig

Ngunit ng may isang araw aming landas muling pinagtagpo

Tila mga hanging naglalagalag sa daang aming tinutungo

Ewan ko ba, ngunit  nagmistulan akong wala sa sarili

Alaala ng nakaraan muling sumariwa saking isipan

Pirapirasong sakit,nadama ay pait.


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Higit Sa Lahat (1955)

Cinemalaya movie called ...

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i adore you God

The universe is at Your

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a subject to be cherished. FRIEND

Along life's road i found a friend

who brought me joys untold

A happiness  to fill my heart

more valuable than gold


A dream of bigger things to come,

a friend a faith, a smile

Along life's road I found them all

to make my life worthwhile 


friendship is a golden chain

made stronger with each year

each link is forged of memories

that make you still more dear

the thoughtful things you say and do

become the links of gold

that i will treasure through the years

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i remember hating a professor

for a strange reason

he would not let me do anything for him


if i opened the door for him

he shoved me thru.


if i offered to be of service,

he turned me down

with some inside remark

 about not being helpless.


he was smug and self sufficient.

he needed nothing from me

and i hated from me

and i hated him. 


why ?


i had a need to needed

he frustrated that need. 

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with your undying lies

i am crying but no tears fall

i think there's a reason,but no

 i, i wont even look at you

is there something i have to know ?

something that you don't care at all. 


let this day for me to die

let this world for me to hide


maybe i'll find another side

to the things i feel , coz  i'm tired

so tired with your undying lies 


felt like i just wanna give up

for this time i'll say this to you

you may be the dark side of me 

it's not the end we'll never end


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untouchables's paradise

           The three play actually portrays real society problem, and it was all about ... “Poverty”.


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PANITIKAN, isang pang titik



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