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Two wonderful films this 2006 ...

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If this week is any indication for the times Philippine cinema is having and will continue to have, I am feeling more optimistic than usual ...

Within the same week I saw two wonderful films from these shores ...

Fittingly on independence day, June 12, Monday, as part of the annual French Film Festival at Shangrila Mall, I caught the Philippine premiere of my friend Raya Martin's acclaimed INDIO NACIONAL ... great things to come from this young filmmaker ...

... and Thursday, June 15, at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1, from one of the veterans, I caught the press screening of the latest film of another friend Jeffrey Jeturian, KUBRADOR (The Bet Collector) ... Jeffrey's best film so far in my opinion ...



My father calls it a creeping Martial Law.  I'll say it's nearly there under a different name. 

Our generation's being called out folks. 

I checked the office of the president website:

The proclamation hasn't been posted there yet.  I got this from a yahoogroup e-mail just now.  

FYI.  And that we're aware and should perhaps take a look at our copies of the Philippine Constitution.


Subject: Proclamation No. 1017

Malacañang Palace

MONASTERYO still lives!, but ALDA'S is dead, long live ...

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If some of you can recall my blog entry about this restaurant named Monasteryo in Greenbelt 1, found in between Mister Donut and Brown Sugar Muffin.

Sadly, a few weeks ago I learned that it did, as I feared, finally close down.  That location's curse  (and it's lack of patrons of course) caused it to close down perhaps ...

... It wasn't as bad as when I learned one of my favorite restaurants, no, perhaps my favorite one in Metro Manila, ALDA's Chicken and Pasta - according to a friend an Ermita institution since the mid-1970s - closed down a month or two ago. 


From My Dream Journal 1

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December 14, 1997

I was brought to a huge hall that looked like the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Sports and Wellness Center (SWC) in UP Manila. 

Across the hall there was a group of teenagers who began to transform into werewolves.

My friends and I made a break for outside but they climbed up a wooden staircase and I headed for a tall white gate that led to the road. 

I saw the werewolves race up the stairs.  I heard the blood-curdling screams of my friends. 

From Revenge to Rebirth (Beware of Viruses, but What the Hey)

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A brief backgrounder:

A few days ago, I was online chatting with a friend on Yahoo Messenger when in the middle of our chat, a message popped up into my window supposedly from her at that time telling me that she has a new geocities website.  I copy pasted the link on another page of my opera browser.  It opened to the Yahoo Geocities page.  It asked me to log in my then Yahoo ID revengeoftonya and my password.  As soon as I entered the information, instead of geocities, I was redirected to a porn site.

As soon as the porn site opened, my YM started screwing up.  It told me I was offline even though the YM icon was still lit up on my task bar.  I closed YM and tried to re-log in.  Nothing.  It refused to recognize my ID and password.  I tried everything, their troubleshooters, making sure I typed my information in with the correct spelling ... nothing worked.  

NOT TO BE MISSED: Dining at Monasteryo

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My first attempt at food writing folks!

            November’s final evening came and Atalanta decided to treat me and mom out for dinner.  We found ourselves wondering where we should go.  My aunt suggested we try out Monasteryo in Greenbelt.  She had befriended the owner Eric Barros and she told us we should try to get a discount if he was at the restaurant.         

            Honestly, the first time I heard the name my mind drew a blank.  My memory ran through the numerous eateries in Greenbelt 1, 2 and 3 but I still could not place it.  After some brain gymnastics, I finally knew where it was located.      

Sharing some quotes on writing ...

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     Just sharing some quotes on writing - poetry in particular ... but as I've written before, quotes also tend to simplify things so let these just be spring boards for our own explorations of life ... As artists, we struggle to discover a relationship between personal expression and truth.

“No progression without contraries” - William Blake 

"So many men, women and children dream about creative lives; yet because they are not free to shape their own lives, they cannot realize their dreams.  I had better pray for them tonight." - Henri Nouwen

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