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When should I use the Forums?

Use the forums mainly to ask questions. You can also use it to post your opinions, informal polls, etc. if you don't want to post your entry in your blog. What is important is that you classify your post accurately, i.e, by Category, Section, Literary Form, and Genre so that it can easily be searched by the site's users later on.


Here, you'll find frequently asked questions about advertising on FilipinoWriter.com.

How do I advertise on FilipinoWriter.com?

To advertise at FilipinoWriter.com, you may submit a banner ad in GIF or animated GIF format, and you may choose from a variety of sizes and placements.

Prices are computed on a CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) basis. One impression means one page view, or one visitor downloading one particular page of the site.

Depending on the number of advertisers, your ad will be rotated with other ads for each block or placement (maximum of 5 advertisers per placement) or will appear in all the pages of FilipinoWriter.com (if yours is the only ad in that placement).


Left block ads:

Your ad will be placed in one of the three blocks at the left side of the page. The maximum dimension of the banner ad should be 120x90 pixels, and should not exceed 5KB in size.

In place of a graphic banner ad, you may want to submit a text ad. The text of your ad should not be more than 100 characters in length. The text ad will consist of an ad title limited to 25 characters, and a description limited to 70 characters.

Price: P200 CPM


Right block ads:

Specifications are same as left block ads except for the price.

Price: P175 CPM

Top banner ads:

You may choose from two ad formats for your top banner ad located at the top of every page.

  • 468x60: not more than 7KB in size.
    • Price: P300 CPM
  • 468x180: not more than 10KB in size.
    • Price: P400 CPM

Content bottom ad:

468x60: not more than 7KB in size.

Price:P300 CPM


Packages are available in increments of 15,000. Below is a table listing all available packages with columns comparing discounted and undiscounted packages for you to assess how much you will save. The bigger the package you buy, the bigger your discount.

Package in page views Approximate number of months (at current 15,000 page views per month) Discount (%) Price of 5kb Right block Ads (120x90) at 175 pesos CPM without discount Price of 5kb Right Block Ads (120x90) at 175 pesos CPM with discount Price of 5kb Left Block Ads (120x90) at 200 pesos CPM without discount Price of 5kb Left Block Ads (120x90) at 200 pesos CPM with discount Price of 7kb Top Banner Ads (468x60) and 7kb Bottom Banner Ads (468x60) at 300 pesos CPM without discount Price of 7 kb Top Banner Ads (468x60) and 7kb Bottom Banner Ads (468x60) at 300 pesos CPM with discount Price of 10kb Top Banner Ads (468x180) at 400 pesos CPM without discount Price of 10kb Top Banner Ads (468x180)at 400 pesos CPM with discount
15,000 1 0 2625 2625 3000 3000 4500 4500 6000 6000
30,000 2 10 5250 4725 6000 5400 9000 8100 12000 10800
45,000 3 11 7875 7008.75 9000 8010 13500 12015 18000 16020
60,000 4 12 10500 9240 12000 10560 18000 15840 24000 21120
75,000 5 13 13125 11418.75 15000 13050 22500 19575 30000 26100
90,000 6 14 15750 13545 18000 15480 27000 23220 36000 30960
105,000 7 15 18375 15618.75 21000 17850 31500 26775 42000 35700
120,000 8 16 21000 17640 24000 20160 36000 30240 48000 40320
135,000 9 17 23625 19608.75 27000 22410 40500 33615 54000 44820
150,000 10 18 26250 21525 30000 24600 45000 36900 60000 49200
165,000 11 19 28875 23388.75 33000 26730 49500 40095 66000 53460
180,000 12 20 31500 25200 36000 28800 54000 43200 72000 57600
195,000 13 21 34125 26958.75 39000 30810 58500 46215 78000 61620
210,000 14 22 36750 28665 42000 32760 63000 49140 84000 65520
225,000 15 23 39375 30318.75 45000 34650 67500 51975 90000 69300
240,000 16 24 42000 31920 48000 36480 72000 54720 96000 72960
255,000 17 25 44625 33468.75 51000 38250 76500 57375 102000 76500
270,000 18 26 47250 34965 54000 39960 81000 59940 108000 79920
285,000 19 27 49875 36408.75 57000 41610 85500 62415 114000 83220
300,000 20 28 52500 37800 60000 43200 90000 64800 120000 86400
315,000 21 29 55125 39138.75 63000 44730 94500 67095 126000 89460
330,000 22 30 57750 40425 66000 46200 99000 69300 132000 92400
345,000 23 31 60375 41658.75 69000 47610 103500 71415 138000 95220
360,000 24 32 63000 42840 72000 48960 108000 73440 144000 97920


To help you predict how long your ad credit will last, you may want to view the site's statistics. (Right now, the site is averaging 10,000 to 15,000 views per month, which may increase of course as the site's user base increases. Update: As of August 29, 2006, the page views have indeed increased with almost 800 page views a day or 24,000 page views a month, and still growing...Update: As of November 27, 2008, the site is averaging 4000 to 5000 page views a day or 120,000 to 150,000 page views a month.). To view the statistics, just click on FilipinoWriter.com's Site Meter located at the lower left corner block of every page.

Ad Credits

To help you keep track of your ad credits, we will send you a daily and/or weekly update of your banner ad credits, depending on how often you want to receive your update. This update will contain the number of times your ad has been viewed, and the number of times it has been clicked. You will also receive an e-mail message to remind you when your ad credit is about to run out.

Inquiries or/and ad submissions

To learn more about advertising at FilipinoWriter.com or to submit your ads, just e-mail us at filipinowriter(at)gmail(dot)com.

If I don't have a home page or a web site, can I still advertise on FilipinoWriter.com?

Definitely. Just create a page (create content>page) detailing what you want to advertise, and make the web address of this page the URL or web page the user is directed to when he/she clicks on your ad. You can sell your writing services or book, for example, using this method. Be as creative and as detailed with your page as you want!

What are the advantages of advertising on FilipinoWriter.com?

FilipinoWriter.com is a community of writers and readers. If you're promoting products or services that are geared towards this type of audience, then advertising on FilipinoWriter.com is perfect for you. If you are any of the following, rest assured that your ad is a perfect fit for FilipinoWriter.com.

  • Writer/Author looking to sell his services or book.
  • Book store/shop owner.
  • Computer store looking to sell PC's, laptops and peripherals.
  • Employer looking to hire writers.
  • Publishing house looking for writers or selling books.
  • Furniture store looking to sell desks, chairs, lamps, etc.

Of course, there might be have been other potential advertisers that I've missed, but I think you get the idea. :)

How do I add an Amazon Product in the FilipinoWriter.com database?

To add an Amazon Item in the FilipinoWriter.com database, just go to your Navigation menu and then to create content->amazon node.

To add an item, just enter the ASIN or the Amazon Standard Identification Number in the field provided. In case of a book, the ASIN is usually the ten-digit ISBN which can be found on the back cover of your book or inside its pages (there's a new thirteen-digit ISBN which is not the ASIN). You can also see the ASIN on the URL or web address of the Amazon item. Usually, it's the first ten-digit number in the URL of the Amazon item.

For example, Anne Lamott's book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life has the following URL: http://www.amazon.com/Bird-Some-Instructions-Writing-Life/dp/0385480016

The ASIN is the ten-digit number 0385480016.

When you preview or submit the Amazon node, the FilipinoWriter.com site will automatically fetch the item or book's info -- Title, Cover, Author, Price, etc. -- from the Amazon website, and you don't need to enter any other data aside from the aforementioned ASIN.

Amazon Tags (Or how to link to Amazon items)

Note that the Bird by Bird Amazon title above -- Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life -- is actually an Amazon tag. You can use tags to link to a book's title or to its cover (while posting an entry in your blog for example).

To link to an Amazon book, use the following syntax: [amazon title|cover|info asin]. That is, choose either title or cover in the tag (the word 'info' is not working properly right now and does not link to the item in Amazon). (This tag and instructions how to use it can be found in the Input Format menu below the rich-text editor). If you use the word 'cover' for example it will produce the following output:

Cover image

To review a particular Amazon book or item, go to how to submit a review.

How do I delete a post?

Make sure you're logged in. For every post you've made, there's an edit tab above the post. Click it. There's a delete button at the bottom of the edit page.

How do I include photos and videos in my posts?

I have just added the ability for you to add photos and videos to your posts, that is without uploading them directly to the site. In other words, you can now "hotlink" to photos which are served in sites which allow hotlinking such as Flickr.com and Photobucket.com (I personally prefer photobucket because of the upload limit); you can also embed videos from sites which allow external sharing or embedding such as Youtube.com or Google Video.

How to Include a Photo in your Post

To hotlink to a photo, enable the rich-text editor. Position the cursor where you want to insert the photo. Then click the Insert/edit image button (the "tree" button). Enter the Image URL and other info.

Some rules. Just make sure that you are hotlinking to images which are residing in sites and servers which allow hotlinking, or to your own site or server. Otherwise, your post will be unpublished.

Also, be careful not to ruin the site's layout by posting a very large image. If you have a large image, you may set the Dimensions in the Insert/edit image window. Let's set the maximum dimension to 400 pixels X 300 pixels.

How to Include a Video in your Post

To embed a video, just disable the rich-text editor and paste the embed code where you want the video to appear in your post. Or if you don't want to disable the rich-text editor when embedding a video, just click the HTML button and paste the embed code on the resulting pop-up window. Then click the Update button (on the pop-up window).

I have enabled embedding videos from these hosts: YouTube.com, iFilm.com, NowPublic.com, Revver.com, Imeem.com, Video.Google.com. Tell me if there are other sites and hosts out there which allow external sharing of their videos so I can enable them in the site's settings.

How do I post a news item?

To submit a news item from an external site go to your Navigation menu, and go to create content->weblink. Then choose News from Web Link Type menu.

Enter a summary of the news on the text area of the Body field. You may also paste a short excerpt from the news item, and enclose it in quote tags, like so:

This is an excerpt from the news item.

How do I submit a review?

To submit a review, first create an Amazon item/product by going to Navigation->create content->amazon node.

After creating the Amazon item or node, you will then see a submit review form under the newly-created Amazon node. You may then rate -- on a scale of 1 to 10 -- the book or Amazon item/product, and write your review.


How do I use my blog?

FilipinoWriter.com is structured in such a way that you can enter almost anything in your blog.

However, we encourage you to post narratives of  your writing and reading life in your blog. Here are just some examples of how you can use your blog.

  1. Post about your works-in-progress.
  2. Share your thoughts about works you've read.
  3. Tell us your experiences attending workshops, book launches, readings and other literary activities.

Of course, you can also use your blog as your personal journal.

To get a better feel of how you can make best use of your blog, survey the pull down menus in your "add blog entry" page -– i.e. the Category, Section, Literary Form, and Genre menus. It would greatly help the site and its users if you can be as accurate and detailed as possible with your categorization, since the users can easily find your post by way of these classifications.

Note: Regarding particular information, announcements, or content which are related to the sections (e.g. details about a new job, submission guidelines of a magazine, a work-in-progress, a finished literary work), it would be best to use the other content types in the "create content" section of  your account.

So as a rule of thumb, to post the content itself, use other content types (article, forum topic, literature, work-in-progress, market, job, event, review). For narratives about these content types, blog. :)

How do I use the TinyMCE rich-text editor?

The TinyMCE rich-text editor is enabled by default in textarea fields where you have to encode/input your content.

TinyMCE allows you to format your post without manually inserting HTML codes.

You can turn TinyMCE on or off by default in the edit/account settings of your "my account" page. If you have disabled TinyMCE by default, you can enable it by clicking on the enable rich-text link at the bottom of the textarea.

However, you can always turn off TinyMCE anytime and manually format your post with HTML codes by following the rich-text editing instructions beneath the text area.  


I can't seem to figure out how to post. How do I do this?

If you have problems posting, please make sure that you have authenticated status . This means that you should have clicked the validation link (the link with the word "validate") in the welcome e-mail you received (subject: "Account Details..") after registering.

What are your Submission Guidelines?

FilipinoWriter.com's Submission Guidelines

Editor's note: For the moment, we've changed FilipinoWriter.com from a paying to a non-paying market until we can afford to pay contributors sufficiently. Remuneration meantime will come in the form of a short bio, which will help the contributing writer market himself or his works. We also amended the submission guidelines to make the site more liberal in the kinds of article it can accept.

Except for articles, posting of all content types -- literature, works-in-progress, reviews, events, jobs, markets, forum topics -- does not require approval. You have the option to delete any of your posts, including article content types, at any time.

On the other hand, if you want to submit an article, here are the Submission Guidelines (please read carefully especially the second bullet point which says that an article should only be about WRITING and READING):

  • Create an article by using the article content type.
  • Your article should be based, ideally, on your experiences and may deal with any or a combination of the following topics:
    • the craft of writing (how-to's)
    • your experiences as a writer
    • how you succeeded as a writer, that is, how you got rewarded as a writer with publication, awards, or most especially with monetary remuneration or making a living as a writer.
    • your experiences as a reader of literature.
  • Your article should be at least 300 words, and can be in English, Filipino or combination of both.
  • Your submitted article could be previously published or could be an original article.
  • FilipinoWriter.com acquires non-exclusive "Internet rights," and you have the option to delete your article at any time. In case of original articles, you also have the option to publish it again elsewhere.
  • Make sure to fill out the Author's Bio field (around 30 words). If you have a website, or a home or resume page you created in FilipinoWriter.com, be sure to include it. It will be great for marketing yourself and your works. The rest of the pertinent info about you will be found in your user profile at FilipinoWriter.com, of course.

What language can I use in my posts?

You can use English and/or Filipino in your posts.

You can also use other Filipino languages as long as you include an English or Filipino translation whenever you mean your post to be read by the entire site (as opposed to a specific group for example).

As a general rule, FilipinoWriter.com encourages translation, so that we can learn more about each other's culture. 



Why can't I see the TinyMCE rich-text editor?

Your browser may not support TinyMCE. You can see the TinyMCE compatibility chart here. As you can see the following browsers support TinyMCE: Internet Exploret, Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari.

I, myself, am using the Opera browser which does not support TinyMCE.*  Thus, when I post content, I use the Firefox browser.

*(However, Opera is the fastest browser I've used so far, and I encourage you to try it. It also comes with a ready RSS tool, which is very useful when you want to subscribe to specific content. When using Opera, just click a particular XML graphic of FilipinoWriter.com, and you will get automatic RSS feed from this site).