Experiences of Christmases past, up close and deeply personal

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December 24, 2011
Dear Fellow Communicator,
Merry Christmas!
In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I’m holding a unilateral moratorium on My Media English Watch. Be assured, though, that I’m resuming it in next week’s edition of the Forum. In its place this week, I’m reposting for the benefit of new members—and for those who want to want to enjoy reading them again—the Forum’s December 2010 collection of essays by Forum members and a guest writing from various parts of the world. Whether affirming, celebratory, or contrarian, their multifaceted views make for timeless and interesting reading, gently prompting us to deeply reflect on our own beliefs and experiences about Christendom’s holiest of seasons.
·       My Thoughts Exactly Special: Christmas Experience, Up Close and Deeply Personal (11 remembrances of the Holiday Season from various parts of the world)
·       My Media English Watch: No New Grammar Critiques for a Week (A unilateral moratorium in keeping with the Christmas spirit)
·       Essays by Jose Carillo: Chiasmus is Arousing Rhetoric That Can Weaken Our Judgment (We should beware of outright falsehoods mixing it up with great truths)
·       Advice and Dissent: The Middle Ages Weren’t Just a Time of Religious Delirium and Hysteria (To clarify the stereotype, 11 classic texts in Latin or Anglo-Saxon)
·       You Asked Me This Question: “As a Writer, How Do I Improve My English Grammar and Usage?” (Embark on a purposive, no-nonsense self-study!)
·       News and Commentary: Beijing Abandons Controversial “English-Language Town” Project (It deems worship of foreigners and discrimination a big no-no!)
·       Education and Teaching Forum: The Need for an Information Caravan on Our Climate-Change Vulnerabilities (High time for the Philippines to put long-term preventive and mitigation measures in place)
·       Use and Misuse: Distinctions Between Euphemistic Terms for People With Disability (“Differently abled,” “disabled,” “looks-challenged” aren’t the same)
·       The Lounge: How to Say “Merry Christmas!” in 75 of the World’s Languages (For precisely the same universal message, a Babel of strange phonetic sounds)
·       The Finest in Language Humor: A Politically Correct Christmas Story (“‘Twas the night before Christmas and Santa’s a wreck…”)
·       Time Out from English Grammar: Art Critic Assumes Role of Raconteur and Expert Guide to the Eternal City (Without an academic’s fear, he defends Rome’s excellence with enthusiasm and savages its mediocrity with visceral candor)
·       Students’ Sounding Board: “I Am Too Shy and This Hampers My Progress in Speaking English” (Make yourself more grammar-savvy and practice, practice!)
·       Readings on Language: The Pursuit of Gossip Gets Fair Hearing in a Noted Writer’s Book (Author argues it is “an eternal and necessary human enterprise”)
·       How Good is Your English?: How Criterion-Referenced Tests Can Help Improve Your English (You can work your way up to really great English!)

See you at the Forum!
Joe Carillo

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