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For you,

Well, I guess I may sound exaggerated if I say that I’m thankful that we’ve gone this far.  I know it isn’t enough to say that it’s already been too long for us.  But no matter how you react about it, I would still wanted you to know that I am happy that we did it and those times being together is worth reminiscing.  I believe that this is just the beginning of some more months and hopefully years that we still have to take.

I often say “thanks” to you, for the good things you showed me…. For loving me….  But I guess I forgot to tell you how much I really am thankful for being a part of your life.  You didn’t know how much I admire you and how much I believe in you.  And if ever the whole world wouldn’t believe in you anymore, I would still be there for you.  

I love you, and that’s a fact.  I never thought I will fall for you this much.  I’d been through different kinds of relationships before.. long and short terms but I guess what I had with you is different from those.  Ewan, maybe because I haven’t found someone like you before…  Someone who have loved me this much. It was really a great experience being with you. I found your love extraordinarily.

Who would ever think that simple text messages and phone calls will end up into a relationship that we had now.  I didn’t planned for all these things to happen. I woke up one day realizing that I can’t wake up anymore without you first thing in my mind and that makes me really happy.  So who am I to be a big hindrance of my own feelings??? Why should I bother blocking my own happiness??? Instead, I just follow the flow of my life and now I’m glad seeing the result of everything.  Now, I can really say I have no regrets of following what I feel.

I never felt being extremely happy… now I could say I am.. You were the one who put a spark into my life, the one who made me smile first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to bed.  You’re the only reason why I found life more meaningful and I guess I really owe you so much.  Thanks for everything!

Like what I always tell you, we can’t hold our future… if you were to ask me, I really wanted to spend the rest of my days with you but we both know that it won’t happen… I will try my best for our relationship to work out and make it last.  But no matter what happen, I know everything has its own endings.  Life sucks… I know everything will soon come to an end and it doesn’t matter if it will be your fault or my fault.  I just wanted you to know that I already made a promise if ever that happens, I will still be here for you as a friend or even as a stranger if that’s how you will treat me.  I’ll never leave you.

2 months, 60 days, 1,440 hours, 86,400 minutes, 5,184,000 seconds… isn’t really that long… what really matters is how we have spent it together….

I love you…..

From me

nice reading this one. :)

nice reading this one. :)

grammar lang

I didn't plan (not planned) at meron pang iba.