Isang Maikling Kwento #22

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#22: Pakahalagahan ang Oras Dahil Hindi na Ito Maibabalik Kapag Nawala na


"TANGINA NAMAN O!" pabulong na sigaw ni Ricky sa sarili isang umaga ng Sabado nang malaman niyang nawawala pala ang kanyang relo sa kanang braso (dapat ay sa kaliwa, pero feeling niya mas astig kung sa kanan nakalagay kahit hindi naman). Regalo ito sa kanya ng tatay niya noong nakaraan niyang kaarawan. May ilang araw na ring nawawala ang relo niyang iyon ngunit ngayon niya lang napansin na wala na pala ito sa kanya. Ang relo niya ay isang Swatch na green na pambagets ang design at gawa sa plastic.

tunghayan ang kabuuan ng kwento:

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Patrick Orquia

Okay, dude.. This is just a

Okay, dude.. This is just a well-meaning nudge, and seems like no one's telling you anything about this, your readers most especially. But, dude, will it be better if you can come up with some other good titles for your stories? I mean they are nice your stories (they must be) and I just read that story above about your character losing his Swatch, and obviously not feeling good about it.. The thing is: you've been repeating the same title: "Isang Maikling Kwento" for 22 times, I mean, 22 times!? Oh, c'mon, dude! Don't disappoint us too much.. Don't make your good stories come up with hackneyed titles..' You seem a very bright writer and I think you may agree with me. But that's yours to decide. It's just that we can't, of course, imagine Hemingway or Saul Bellow, among other good writers, giving their works with the same titles, repeated all over again. I'd certainly hate Hemingway, with utmost passion, if all his works have the same "The Old Man and The Sea" title. I mean it's boring, right?! But again, it's just a well-meaning nudge. You can ignore it..

Keep on writing..'

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everything is in its right place

how about NO? hackneyed titles, eh?! 

it seems that you're the only one who is disappointed and really bothered of the titles so don't use "US" or "WE", ok? or maybe you mean you and ****? hmmm....

btw, the title comes second to the content of the story, imho. and it's not a repetition of the same title. there are numbers in the title so that the title of each story is distinct from each other. get your facts straight.

this story naming scheme is just my own little idiosyncrasy to keep me apart, but not necessarily stand out, from the other good writers here in FW. don't be too bothered by it.

anyway, thanks for reading this story. i'm not sure if you indeed read the whole 4 parts though. and just to set your expectation, there are still more IMK's to come (yey!), like, i have thought of up to the 40th and i have already finished the 30th just a month ago, so watch out for them.


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Videoke the Radio Star

Of course, you've a good

Of course, you've a good point.. It's just that I's wondering if you're open for a better one, or best for that matter. Yet again I appreciate your time for replying to that well-intended nudge above.

Keep on writing then...'

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something being better is

something being better is relative. for me, my naming scheme is ok. i don't have to spend much time thinking about a title so that i could focus on the content. it's the content that counts the most, right?


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Quite right. The content is,

Quite right. The content is, of course, very important. Far more important. But the title that carries the content introduces the entire story, your first contact with your readers, the first thing your potential readers will see. It will not be a problem if you are already an established writer. But even them established writers would take the pain to come up with a good title of their works, just like the Infinite Jest of David Foster Wallace, On the Road by Jack Kerouac, or The Catcher in the Rye of J.D. Salinger, are just the few of our classic examples. They wrote their stories, conceptualized a good title for each story, and their readers will soon remember them, just as we cannot mentioned Don Quixote without remembering Cervantes.

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sorry to burst your little bubble, but i'm not them. i don't want to be them. i want to just do my stuff, what i think is ok and whatnot. don't campare me to those great writers because you're bound to get disappointed. i'm a nobody.

please, if you don't have anything substantial to say about the content of this story then just leave. ok? you're already starting to get into my nerves. you're getting quite annoying already. if you don't want me to get annoyed further then just leave.

your idol is back. go f*ck with her, i don't care. leave this thread alone. 

thanks for your opinion, i appreciate it. good day. 


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I am just trying to be civil

I am just trying to be civil here, dude. Now you just gave me some good reasons to ignore you..'

Holy-Grinding0-Fucking-Meaty-Secks! And, you call yourself a writer, SHIT!!?

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trying to be civil... yeah, right. you're lecturing me like some old granny. yeah, ignore me, i don't care. but i won't ignore you because i'm friendly. if you come up with something that is as good as mine, i will read and say something nice about it, don't worry. 


i am a GOOD writer, thank you. that's why i'm here in FW. i'm not sure why you're here, though. i guess you're a good one, too. it doesn't show but whatever, man. get a life.


good day to you.  


PS: what IS secks? maybe you mean "sex"? and a holy-grinding0-fucking one, too, eh? no thanks, i'm not gay. :D


I'd love to turn you on...

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