by natasha_betita ( | )

I dream of forbidden trees
Where I eat the leaves
That taste like serpents skin.
Then in a scene briefly sung
I run innocent and sweet-ly
young with the worlds first blame
crushed by my feet

I dream of raining eggs
Cracking against my window glass
While guardedly i sit.
Why, I must never leave! lest,
I’m told
I’ll slip and bleed to death.

I dream of roses
Steamed with salmon and garlic cream
Fried in chives and garlic steak
Baked In layers upon layers
till pink petals slip from its pie shaped slices
all for a king to feast.
(The dream ends with me dribbling down his cheek.)

I dream of corn.
with yellow skin that softly breaks
Against my teeth.
Brushed in buttered salt,
Steamed and peeled yellow
yearning to be eaten.
Why then, must it seem
That this was simply a phallic dream?

Why must Desire
be a fruit for him to peel..
MY dreams a shadow of his flesh?

Natasha Betita