New Poetry Book by Luisa A. Igloria: TRILL & MORDENT

Trill & Mordent

Poems by Luisa A. Igloria







The lush and humid poems of Luisa Igloria’s Trill & Mordent are a feast for the ear and the eye. Bursts of color and music punctuate Igloria’s dense, crafted lines, inviting the reader into Filipina life, a world at once strange and yet familiar to an American reader, opening wider perspectives into the commonalities and differences between America and the country it has so deeply influenced over the past century, the Philippines.

Praise for Trill & Mordent

"Encountering the poems in Trill & Mordent, one is blessed with a Lucullan banquet of apt images and a feast of savory sentences. Luisa Igloria offers ‘the face that floats beneath the water of itself’ and trains the ‘tongue to lexicon of ruffle and flounce.’ These poems will linger in the reader’s mouth." —Nick Carbó, author of Andalusian Dawn

"Luisa Igloria’s new collection reflects a generous and sincere poet’s meditations on daily news charged with ‘the blunt wick of fear.’ Her poems honor history and the private stories we keep in the body’s memory. Rhythmically graceful, these poems nourish the soul."—Eugene Gloria, author of Drivers at the Short-Time Motel

"Trill & Mordent is as original and evocative as its title from page one to its end. Filled with life, sensual, sensuous, this is a book by a young poet with undeniable gifts." —Thomas Lux

"In her new book, Trill & Mordent, Luisa Igloria sings with the cadence of a beautiful songbird. Her poems are elegant and gorgeous; her landscapes verdant and vast. The storyteller in these poems cannot help but bring forth a devastating richness: delicious aromas of home-cooked meals, strong family ties, enchantment from a far-away childhood. This is the poet’s best work to date, and I have to say I savored every word, every page as if an angel were singing it to me." —Virgil Suarez

About the Author

Luisa A. Igloria published five books under the name Maria Luisa Aguilar Carino: Cordillera Tales (New Day, 1990), Cartography (Anvil, 1992), Encanto(Anvil, 1994), (New Day, 1990), (Anvil, 1992), (Anvil, 1994), In the Garden of the Three Islands (Moyer Bell/Asphodel, 1995), and Blood Sacrifice (Moyer Bell/Asphodel, 1995), and (University of the Philippines Press, 1997); she is also author of Songs for the Beginning of the Millennium (De La Salle University Press, 1999). She edited the anthology (De La Salle University Press, 1999). She edited the anthology Not Home, But Here: Writing from the Filipino Diaspora(Anvil, 2003). Recent awards include the 2004 Fugue Poetry Prize, and Finalist for the 2005 George Bogin Memorial Award for Poetry, Poetry Society of America. Luisa Igloria is associate professor of English in Old Dominion University's Creative Writing Program.

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