When I wake up in the morning I hear noise of everything
People working, children playing, radio and TV broadcasting
Day in and day out the same things keep on occurring
Noise of everything making my head almost always aching.

I''ll soon be sixty and I have been exposed a great lot
I have sadly experienced various adversities in life
Fervently seeking and fighting for what I believe is right
But alone in despair I failed bitterly in my worldly strife.

Then God called me and I became a soldier of Christ
I preach His Word thru the books I ardently write
Thru the internet I vouch proclaiming His might
In Him I certainly found what is pure and truly right.

"I leave to you peace, I give to you My peace.
Let not the heart of you be agitated nor let it be afraid.
I Myself give to you not as the world gives."
In John 14:27, that''s what our Lord Iesous Christ said.

As I lay down late at night to refresh my body and rest
Pondering how people yearning can have the most-sought peace
Serving God to help others is sure and undoubtedly the best
In Him I find myself being cradled living in perfect peace.