Greetings to the Filipino Writer members

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Hi guys!

Since everyone around here is basically new, why don't i start the introductions eh? To make it easier for everyone, i'll just include a simple list of questions below for you guys to answer. After that you may include additional comments or information you would like to share to others about yourself. So let's get started, shall we?

Here are the questions:

By what name would like to be called around here: unexpected or Arnel

Age (be honest): 20

Gender: M

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: A mere college student

Unfulfilled dreams: Being a true filipino novelist/writer

Additional comments about yourself:

There you have it, folks. Welcome!

May God bless you all

Hi!  Just call me SEN or Mommy Sen for I'm 60, a Filipino, a Missionary serving God and helping people.  Wish ko, for I have already finished translating the New Testament and the book is entitled THE WILL (A Plain Translation of The New Testament from Greek to English), matapos ko pa sana translating the Septuagint (LXX) or the Greek Old Testament, ang kapal nito at Greek, then sana magkaroon ng pera for printing and circulation worldwide, financially hirap kasi ako.  Hirit pa - how I wish that some youngsters become interested to learn Greek - madali lang 'to, patience and kunting concentration lang ang kailangan.  Just tell me if interested.  May God bless you all.

Interested in your name

Perhaps, we are related.

Care fo read my book?

Here is the website containing the review.

Pls edit ur URL

Hi!  Yeah, we're related, by name as of now.  We're only few anyway so I think we can trace the roots.  I should want to go to your site right away by just clicking it but it was not typed as it should.  I think you can edit it so that it's easy for all to go there.  TY.  May God bless you.  SEN

Learning Greek

Count me one as wanting to learn Greek. Where's your place? When and How do I start?

- Dante

Learning Greek

Thanks a lot Dante.  Have you seen the Greek Alphabet?  I may not trace messages here immediately so if possible use  Greek is much richer than English.  It's just easy if you're really interested.  May God bless you.  SEN

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Alvin Ringgo C. Reyes

Isa akong guro ng hayskul, gradwadong mag-aaral at minsanang manunulat. Hilig kong kumain, manood ng magagandang serye at pelikula, makinig sa magandang musika at mangarap nang gising. Sa pangkalahata'y positibo ang pananaw ko sa buhay at masayahin akong tao, bagamat may mga pagkakataon ding sopistikado. Pinakadakila kong pangarap ang maging propesor sa Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at gumamit ng mahika ! Haha.


Just call me revengeoftonya.  I'm 26 years old.  Male.  Filipino-Ilonggo.  I'm an artist: writing and filmmaking.  I work in digital video as my film medium.  I'm currently deep into shooting my fourth full length film with the third on tape and waiting to be edited.

As an artist, I believe in art as a form of truth telling.  And it is the truth, as stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce put it, the truth of not of what should be, but what is ... Art striving to express our personal truths ... Part of my personal concern is our growing lack of sensitivity in the world today, a growing lack of compassion, a growing intolerance ... I hope my writing and films can help remind us of the capacities of our sensitivities ...   

Part of my frustration is that writing (literature) and film seem to be in conflict with each other and it's film now that's the more dominant.  I still write poetry, but I haven't written fiction or non-fiction in years.  While I'm editing the two films, I'll make a return to my first love which is actually writing.




My name is Jenny. I'm 24 years old, but sometimes I feel like I'm a hundred, and sometimes I feel like I'm 3. Born, and lived all my life in Baguio City (and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world). I'm currently a freelance artist/musician/writer and I try to get gigs wherever and whenever I can, but I dream of one day running of my own graphic design company (Ieven have a name for it already :-) --- BLUE GIRL GRAPHIC). I'd also like to (finally) record my music, and write a book of poetry.


Blatant self-promotion here! :-P

Here is a book/CD project that I was so privileged to be a part of. It is available at all National Bookstores nationwide so try and grab a copy. :-)

If you check out the link I have a pic at the bottom of the page. I'm performing with Charles "Badjao" Wandag. This was taken at the album launch. :-)

A humble introduction

Age: 20 (really)

Gender: F

Nationality: Filipino, proudly

Occupation: graduating student (keeping my fingers crossed)

Unfulfilled dreams: A whole lot of them

Additional comments about yourself: Writing is not a sudden jolt of creativity. It starts there, but the act of editing makes one a better writer. 


Age: 24

Gender: M

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Business Analyst

Unfulfilled dreams: Too many to mention

Additional comments about yourself: I can say I'm a jack of all trades but master of none, I'm into poetry, songwriting, video editing, scriptwriting and photography. I like to be one day see my own cd in a record bar or watch a film which I made.

hi.. peepz..

Im 18 year old, and proud to be a filipino, but the government, cant support our financial stabilities.,when it comes in our culture, and some of the artist here. what can u say in our government now?

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My Two-Cents' Worth.

I think the government should hire better English teachers.

I think Congress should pass a law making intellectual pretension a crime.

But that's just me.

amen to that!

darling, you hit the spot. i am already tired of mediocre english teachers. but who am i to judge, i am just a student.

for now. 

By what name would like to

By what name would like to be called around here: Luna

Age (be honest): 23

Gender: F

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Game developer

Unfulfilled dreams: Writing for games, forever. Right now I'm writing for games BUT I'm also doing management stuff, making digital art, etc. I'd rather just write. Period.

Additional comments about yourself: I have a music blog ( and a travel blog ( I'm in a band. I'm a gamer. But deep inside, I'm a writer.


By what name would like to be called around here: AKI

Age (be honest): 20

Gender: M

Nationality: Pilipino

Occupation: Graphic Artist, and the other one um i dont know yet.

Unfulfilled dreams: Animator, 3d artist, to be a writer, and to have patience to edit my works.(tamad talaga ako).

LIKES:(ano to autograph)I like video games, minsan natatambakan na ko sa dami ng bagong lumalabas na laro. di ko tuloy matapos lahat.

I like to draw

I like to write anything that pops up in my mind

I like to read the bible

I like to study beliefs of other religion

I love my religion (always feeding me knowledge about the word of God)

I love listening to the word of God, Pure religion and undefiled before God

(parang sobrang banal e no)

and I love fried wanton.

Keep on reading the Holy Bible

Hi!  I'm very happy to know that you love reading the Holy Bible.  That's the best form to worship God.  Keep on... and God will show you the way.  May God bless you.  SEN

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The Devil is in the Details

By what name would like to be called around here:

Been called a lot of things. Most of them unflattering. Hi, I'm Squid, how do you do?

Age (be honest):

30. My friends swear I don't look a day older than 25. My friends are stoned most of the time, though.


Male. With long hair. Die, you conservative bastards!


Filipino through and through.


Television writer. Cappuccino philosopher. Klutz.

Unfulfilled dreams:

I have distilled all my dreams and ambitions down to three things that I need to do before they hammer the last nail into my coffin. In no particular order, they are the following:

1. Own a solid gold toilet seat.

2. Go back to 1953 and make love to Audrey Hepburn before she cuts off her hair in the movie ROMAN HOLIDAY.

3. Develop 360-degree vision.

Additional comments about yourself:

Give me a revolver and I can reshape the universe in my image. Now, imagine what we can do together. The angels would weep, my friend. The angels would fucking weep.

what's in a name?

By what name would like to be called around here: Ivory

Age (be honest): 22

Gender: F

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Account Executive of an Ad Agency

Unfulfilled dreams: having all the time of the world to do all the things I love to do, showing my works to the public, a gondola ride in Venice, a Palawan get away, the validating experience of loving & being loved with Paris as the setting, more travels, being a photographer any time I want to be, having no fear to be sooo passionate about something, to fly   

Additional comments about yourself: ...

Here are my answers...

I would like to be called "TIN".

Age: I'm 25.

Gender: Female

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: I'm working as a Clinical Research Associate in a pharmaceutical company.

Unfulfilled dreams: Being a "known" singer/ composer. 

Additional comments about myself:  I'm a risk-taker.

                                                         I'm fun-loving.

                                                         I'm optimistic.

                                                         I love life.


By what name would like to be called around here: Bec

Age (be honest): 40 (yeah, really, I'll fess up to it)

Gender: F

Nationality: Hrmmmm...this is an interesting question, since one of my biggest interests is identification - but by what criteria? I'm a US born, full blood Filipino, currently living in the US, but attempting to define what it means to be dual-cultured.

Occupation: Staff Editor at a scientific non-profit

Unfulfilled dreams: *eyebrowraise* Travel to Asia and Europe, then live to tell the tales.

Additional comments about yourself: I'm a multigenre writer, primarily interested in memoir and fiction, although by my pubs I'm apparently a poet too. I'm here to make connections with other writers and continue to strengthen my bonds with my culture-by-blood. Looking forward to reading all the stuff that comes through here!


We have a discussion about nationality and language in the Live Discussions on What is a Filipino?  Pls share us what you feel and think being a US born full blood Filipino living in the United States.  I for one like to hear from you.  Thanks a lot.  May God bless you.  SEN

hi bec

i hope you reach asia someday.  it can be quite nice here:)


Name: Pres

Age: 30

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Technical Writer/Web Developer 


By what name would like to be called around here: Jewel

Age (honest): 20

Gender: F

Nationality: Pilipino

Occupation: college student, neophyte scriptwriter, neophyte propagandist, old-time doodle maker, film/video collective affiliate.

Unfulfilled dreams: to be a well-read writer, a well-watched film/video maker, a well-believed propagandist-- for liberation of people and the nation

Additional comments about yourself:  Mataas mangarap kapag mula sa ibaba.

Hindi ko pa rin sigurado kung kailan maaaring tawaging manunulat ang isang nagsusulat.

Hindi ko pa rin alam kung kailan maaaring tawaging filmmaker o videomaker ang isang nagvivideo.

Nanlilito ang lipunan. 

Basta, whenever I write or shoot, two questions are of utmost importance to me though I have never changed my answer:  Para kanino? at Tungo saan?

May I come In?

Here are the questions:

By what name would like to be called around here: Teacher Sol

Age (be honest): 31

Gender: F

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Special Education Teacher

Unfulfilled dreams: to be a professional writer

Additional comments about yourself: I invite the teachers here to join the Pinoy Teachers Network (

Getting to Know You

Call me Jerri, everyone else does, with the exception of my daughters who call me "Mommy," my husband who calls me "Fat Wife" and my mother who makes up different nicknames for me, oh, yes, and my former students at SSC Manila, who call me Ms. Anonas and several other things behind my back. :-)

I am 33 years old, Filipino and proud to be one and I am quite obviously female.

I work as a copy-editor for The Philippine Star, where I edit raw news copy and occasionally cover and write the news, feature stories and other such work as my senior editors may decide to give me.

As far as unfulfilled dreams are concerned, I'm pretty sure I've covered all the major bases. I wanted to be a reporter since I was eight years old and I am living that dream. I've wanted to write poetry since I was six and I'm doing just that. In short, mababaw ang kaligayahan ko. Perhaps I could go looking for discontent, but why should I go and make myself unhappy ba? Di bale, if I do find some neglected dreams that await fulfillment, I'll tell you all about it.

Hi to everyone here. It's good to see some familiar nicks and faces. :-)

Getting to KNow You

By what name would like to be called around here: Yawa

Age (be honest): 26

Gender: M

Nationality: Waray

Citizenship: Filipino

Occupation: slacker

Unfulfilled dreams: to become a good writer (whatever that means)

Additional comments about yourself: I love books (aron ing-non)

a new addition


By what name would like to be called around here: LM

Age (be honest): 22

Gender: M


Nationality: Filipino


Occupation: employed (i hope this would last long)

Unfulfilled dreams: fly, write my own book

Additional comments about yourself: a love writing, reading and forget 'rithmetic. a love poems and i love laughing alone.

just visiting

Please feel free to call me Chie.  I will be turning 38 years old this year.  I am the mother of a fabulous six year old budding writer, who just got his first recognition as a poet.  In the Netherlands for seven years now -  I write short speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, poetry - ( mostly hay(na)ku ), and can be a bit longwinded on my main blog.

I am constantly moved and fascinated by words and how they have the power to influence us and empower us.

Dedicated to propagating literature.  Not just Filipino, but all kinds of good literature.  I believe if there were more poets in the world, there would be less war...but we can't have it all, alas.

I am not very consistent at posting, I'm afraid.  I think I've joined too many workshops and too many forums when I should really be writing. 


do share some of the things you picked up from your workshops in the netherlands. 


By what name would like to be called around here: Frankie

Age (be honest): 24

Gender: Female

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Quality Coordinator in the pioneer call center

Unfulfilled dreams: Travel around Europe; Have my jewelries published in a magazine 

Additional comments about yourself:  I mothered two children, but I never became a wife.  I love writing because this is my outlet of expressing my hopes and frustrations.  My creativity is not limited to weaving of words.  I make jewelries (if anyone of you has a boutique, I'll be more than willing to submit a proposal for consignment).  I'm a very religious collector of local fashion magazines.  I get a copy of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Preview and MEGA every month.  I love full moon and a sky filled with stars. 

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pleased to be here-!

Hello everyone-! I'm Diem of Cebu, 24 going on 25, a heterosexual male-- I work as a tech writer at a local startup software firm yet I strive to be a professional screenwriter and author of fiction.

Like most of you, I was a voracious reader as a child. From there sparked the desire to  create the same exihilirating sensation of a good story like writers such as O. Henry and James Thurber. As of now I'm still an aspirant yet in as a screenwriter I'm well under way of building myself a career in the local film industry.

I'm also a member of a local Visayan film group, SINEBUANO-- basically we're working professionals who are weekend filmmakers.

I've posted my stories at and would like to receive comments. I'm eager for opportunities to temper my craft as a wordsmith.

Hello from Africa

Name: Araceli

Gender: F

Age: Fortysomething

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: By day: PA to an Ambassador. By night: Writer (Author: No Sense of Limits, a novel; Columnist for 1 weekly newspaper and 2 monthly magazines). All day and all night: Wife and Mother.

Location: Africa ( or

Unfulfilled dream: To publish a magazine (almost there...unless I get distracted)

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Welcome :)

Hi Araceli! Welcome to the site. It's an honor to have you here. :) And to the rest of the new members, welcome! :)

Great place to be

Hi Noid,

I've always been here, all these months since I discovered you. It's a great site. Lots of good things in one place... ARACELI

Hello writers....

Hi, Im basically a newbie.  I's so glad I was able to find this place.  I had always dreamed of becoming a writer.  Now I'm glad I have found the best outlet for my passion.  I just posted my very first entry here entitle The Last Sunset, hope u will like it.  I'll just enjoy my stay here with you all.  Peace!

Swimming Bird

Kamusta, swimming bird, formerly known as Aura. Pasensya na dahil hindi ko mabuksan yung isang account.

Baguhan din ako tulad ng iba, kaya sana ay magustuhan ninyo ang gawa ko.

 Naniwala ako na hindi kayang ituro ng paaralan ang lahat ng bagay na nais kong matutunan sa buhay.

maayong adlaw!

maayong adlaw!

ako po si ususera. hilig ko ang mga kuwentong pambata - sa pagsusulat at pagbabasa. Isa itong malaking hamon para sa akin: ang makalikha ng kuwentong papasok sa mundo at imahinasyon ng mga bata. at katulad ng hilig ko ang aking personalidad. minsan, naipaghahalo ko ang mundo ng realidad sa pantasya. natutuwa akong matuklasan ang website na ito. sana ay maging mayaman ang ating kwentuhan at pagbabahagi ng mga karanasan at pangarap sa mundo ng panitikan.

si tep mayo pala ang nagpakilala nito sa akin.

My Haven

I almost jumped for joy when I stumbled upon this website! I have been looking so hard for a site that caters to writers, well aspiring that is, like me. You can call me Mischa,a 27-year old high school Instructor in a state college. I've been teaching Literature for nearly eight years and boy, it never ceases to amaze me! I tried my hand on writing personal essays and thank God, the Philippine Daily Inquirer recognized my efforts and published three of my works. Hope to hear more from people who share my passion, writing..

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Welcome! You'll definitely find like-minded people in this community. Keep on writing. :)


Prostituting and soon-to-be voiceless writer who actually has a good sense of humor except that there's nothing to be humorous about when you're dying inside as an artiste.  

I'd like to say hi to that aspiring writer a few posts above who introduced himself as "a heterosexual male."  Well, I was just left speechless by that.  A heterosexual male 'aspirant' who wants to 'temper his skills as wordsmith!'  Is that sexy or what!

That is how I will introduce myself.  My vagueness, sarcasm, and sadness will tell you most of what I am made of.  But that's not permanent.  I used to be made of a lot of love

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lizzie5apple -- not quite rotten to the core

By what name would like to be called around here:  lizzie, please :)

Age: 35

Gender: F

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Musician and Music Educator

Unfulfilled dreams: It's not like I'm dead.  As long as I'm breathing, there's always hope for dreams. (This, in no way, makes me an optimist).


Additional comments about yourself:

  • I love coffee.  The mere mention, sight and smell of it drives me towards the nearest coffeepot.
  • I have the biggest blackest doggy and the loudest fattest tomcat in the whole of our street.  Their names: Jack and Julian, respectively.  They are family.
  •  I'm a Sesame Street baby.  I owe my love for the written word to Kermit, Big Bird and the rumored gay couple, Ernie and Bert.  Watching Oscar made me feel better about being a grouch.
  • I started composing music when I was 5.  This led me to take up composition at the U.P. College of Music. 
  • My love for theatre carried my feet off the path of music.  Six units shy of graduating, I trained with PETA (Philippine Educational Theatre Association) for four years.  The 'educational' part of PETA was pivotal in guiding me back to U.P. to take up Music Education.
  • Although I now believe that my life's purpose is to teach, often I wish I could just stay home, veg out, and write.

Shameless Self-promotion:



1604 reads but only 42 lame

1604 reads but only 42 lame people have introduced themselves like anybody cares.  Plus, it seems odd to me that, out of 42 'writers', noid only replies to a select few: foreigners, published writers, palanca winners... he doesn't seem to bother saying hello to the rest of the members who took their time to participate in this thread. 

Hey, noid. How do you think the people you ignored feel when they read you responding to these 'VIPs' and not to them?  It makes me wonder about this website.  "Empowering the Filipino writer and reader", my foot. 

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He's Nasty But He Does Have a Point

Sorry, double post.

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He's Nasty But He Does Have a Point

With all due respect to noid, this grizwald dude's nasty but he does have a point.

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Requested Page Not Found...

Also, I've been trying to track down his comments but I get this message instead:

"Requested page not found...

"Sorry, either this page has been deleted, or you mistyped the URL or web address. Or you may need to register, and/or be part of a group to view this page. You may also use either of the search forms to look for the particular content you're seeking."

Did grizwald just got himself banned?

Squid... you're really stupid.

Obviously, you ARE Grizwald. See where anger takes you? It makes you blind and do stupid things.Squid/Grizwald, how stupid can you be? And you call yourself a genius? You're a moron. And despite what you told me before, you said the very things I said to you before. See? Stupid, stupid man.

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Fur Elise... you're really a dumb fuck.

You're really convinced that I am grizwald, aren't you? You're really convinced that you have mad detective skillz and that you have found the fucking holy grail by equating me to grizwald. Congratulations. You have just exceeded your record at stupidity. Really, youth is wasted on the young.


I think my reply is way to late but anyway... Introductions are never late, because they only happen once.

My pen name is moon, so i guest you call me that way.

I'm 20 years old, and newly graduate. Like everyone of us, I also I want to be a novelist or a writer.

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Hi Moon, All threads on

Hi Moon,

All threads on this site including this one are eternal. It doesn't matter when one posts as long as the conversation is kept alive. We are all here to support one another. :)

Keep on dreaming and pursuing your writing goals..