Learn How to Pitch Your Script to Film Producers

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08/25/2005 - 1:00pm


Los Angeles-based independent film producer Roger Garcia is coming
to the country to conduct a script pitch workshop on August 25, 2005
from 1 pm onwards at the Museo ng Maynila Ballroom. The workshop is
through the efforts of the Cinemanila International Film Festival in
cooperation with the City of Manila. Admission is free.

Roger Garcia is best known for producing The Big Hit (Columbia
TriStar) which stars Mark Wahlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips. He was
also the producer of the film The Disciples (Viacom) featuring Ice
T. His other producing credits consist of many short and
experimental films in Hong Kong and the Philippines including the
work of Cannes Festival short film winner Raymond Red, Bejalai
(indie feature in Sarawak) by Stephen Teo (now writer on Hong Kong
cinema), Macao, oder die Rückseite des Meeres (Ombra Films, Swiss-
German co-production) by Clemens Klopfenstein and the experimental
DV documentary Happy Berry, (Modern Films) by a young Thai filmmaker
that was awarded the Grand Prize, Asian Vision Competition at the
2004 Taiwan International Documentary Festival.

Apart from being an established film producer, Roger Garcia was also
the director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and was
also involved in establishing the Hong Kong Film Archives and the
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He was a member of the jury
for the Hawaii International Film Festival 2003 and Hong Kong
International Film Festival 2004. He has written and broadcast for
numerous publications which include Variety, Far East Economic
Review and Asiaweek.

Museo ng Maynila (formerly Army Navy Club) is located at South
Boulevard, Ermita, Manila (just behind the Museong Pambata). For
inquiries, email miff@cinemanila.com.ph or visit