Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Site

by noid ()

I'm currently reading the articles at Steve Pavlina's Personal Development site, and I'm really blown away by what I'm learning right now.

His advice on improving different aspects of one's life is really helping me especially with my freelance writing career and its overall direction. On Steve's site, in particular on his blog, you will find tips on time management, goal-setting, earning more money, etc.

I'm just starting to use his tips and I can already feel the improvement. I call Steve Pavlina, the Ray Carney of Personal Development because of his life-changing ideas and the passion with which he tries to share and implement these ideas. Go have a look-see. You just never know how great an impact on your life your visit might bring.

by kochtob on May 13, 2006 - 10:21pm

this site is way way cool...thank you so much for sharing it ;)...i've discovered so much from it and i'm still on my way to discovering new things


by noid on May 14, 2006 - 4:13am

I told you so. :) Every night I would print around three articles so I could read them before I sleep. When I wake up, I find myself completely re-energized, ready to tackle the tasks at hand, and more importantly to improve my life. With that, I'm off to bed with my three articles...:)