Resolve: Posting Class Assignments

by noid

Hello everyone. The (FW) community has an issue to resolve with regard to students posting their class reports and/or assignments here at the site. I believe these are all students of Camilo Villanueva, Jr. Some, or many, FW members feel that posting these school assignments as blog posts is inappropriate for the site, drawing attention away from the more ‘literary’ postings (or posts which are not school requirements). Before I take action regarding this matter, I would like first to ask the opinion of the members of  the FW community.  For now, here are the possible options/actions we can make/take, with an explanation, justification for each option/point-of-view. I tried to lay down each solution as objectively as possible. Please let us know what you think about any or all of them. Feel free to add other suggestions, if any.




1. Allow each of the student to post these assignments on their blogs. These are their blogs after all.  And while the Recent Blog posts, Recent Posts, and Live Discussions blocks will be flooded with these assignments, the other FW members can check out the non-assignment-related posts via other means or links. For example, if the other FW members want to see the most recent comments to their own posts, they can see it anyway at Navigation menu>recent posts>my recent posts. Meanwhile, the other content types (or non-student posts) also can be seen in the different blocks, e.g. Latest Literature block, Latest Work-in-progress block, etc.

Students doing their assignments at FW has also the advantage of some of them getting curious about the older and/or more ‘literary’ posts, and might turn them onto writing literary works of their own, or at least appreciating them better.


2. Prohibit using FW for submitting class reports and assignments altogether, and ask Mr. Villanueva to create a group or an e-group (a social networking site or a mailing list) instead outside of


3. Reach a compromise solution. Say, each assignment gets one, and only one thread, say, at the Forum section. This way each assignment is relegated to a single discussion, and will not flood the site with separate ‘assignments posts.’




These are the obvious solutions I can think of , and like I said, feel free to suggest your own. After I’ve read all your comments and suggestions – everyone can comment including Mr. Villanueva and his students -- I will then decide on what action to take. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

by Rom on August 4, 2010 - 6:23am

 if it's not too much to ask, maybe you can set aside a separate category or block for these type of postings wherein students and their professor can discuss their scholarly matters (of course in relation with literature and writing) and leave out the live discussions and recent posts alone. I, personally don't want to discriminate these students from starting off in writing. 

another thing Noid, would it be possible for each member of FW to have their recent posts in all category (blogs, literary works, announcement etc) to pop up whenever somebody clicks their username? napapansin ko kasi ang lumalabas lang yung recent blogpost namin hindi yung literary works.

FW peeps suggest kayo ng further improvement dito, it's time to have this site evolve into a more conducive and meaningful vehicle for a more progressive writing experience.

Thanks Noid, this means a lot! 



by noid on August 4, 2010 - 7:08am

One issue at a time muna, Rom. Para focused tayo. Will discuss other issues sa other threads.

But here's a quick answer to your other concern. In a previous incarnation of this site, I think it was the first one -- you weren't here yet I think -- there was such a functionality. I created a module for the Drupal version I was using then for this site so that the other content types aside from the blog posts will show up in the user's profile. But the problem is everytime I upgraded the site to a newer Drupal version, that meant programming the same module all over again, starting from scratch, and I didn't and don't have the time and resources anymore to do so. So unless I get rich or this site earns a hundred times than it is earning now, and I can afford to hire Drupal programmers, we have to make do with the site's current functionalities.

Re your first suggestion regarding this thread's issue, off-hand, am not sure it's possible since all content types are accessed by the 'recent posts' and 'live discussions' blocks. That is, every post is stored in the same database table, and the way Drupal is built, you can't store a particular content type in another table. Actually, theoretically, it is possible, but the implementation again requires complex programming, meaning we need more resources. And even if the implementation is simple, to implement such a structure is not advisable since Drupal, or any other CMS for that matter, need to have a simple structure. In more technical terms, a post is a node. And all nodes must be stored in one table.

So in more practical terms, what we can do is one of my suggestions. One assignment, one thread. The content type can be a forum post, or I can create a new content type, say, 'class assignment,' but each assignment will have to be created by the professor (or class secretary/beadle for that matter) so that there will only be one thread. But these are just details, implementation preferences. The point is, with only one thread for each assignment, you don't flood the recent posts and live discussions blocks.

by Rom on August 4, 2010 - 7:23am

 if that's the case then we have to settle for the most affordable, practical and feasible means. creating a "class assignment" content type would be good enough just to label their postings properly. this is also to avoid nasty comments coming from those (including me) who are pissed off by the multiple post and jeje lingo that they are using.

if it's in the category of class assignment, those who have nothing to do with that category will be forewarned. i think that'll do the job :)

thanks again Noid! 



by Ailem23 on August 4, 2010 - 7:07am

 I sent a message to Mr. Villanueva, regrading this matter. unfortunately, still there's no response up to this moment. 

 In my opinion, I choose to set a compromise solution. like my common code o title sila na gagamitin para implied na for the assignment ni mr. villanueva iyong post. or kahit ano, basta wag natin namang ipagkait po ung website sa mga students. sumusunod lang po sila sa teacher.


un po...



"Hindi por que magulo ay hindi na maayos. malay mo, ginugulo ka lang talaga para umayos ka."

by noid on August 4, 2010 - 7:11am

Thanks for the update, Melay. Noted ang suggestion mo.

by Luca on August 4, 2010 - 9:57am

super thanks noid for validating this issue. I think it's apparent that this is a subject that strikes a chord among many of the contributors who are serious about writing and FW.

I agree with Melai and Rom, the idea of blocking this class from posting and utilizing the site is too harsh and is not in keeping with the point of publishing works online, which is, in my opinion, to share and hopefully inspire others to take an interest in literature.

Two things need to be highlighted here, FAIRNESS and BEING CONSIDERATE. This class should be permitted to use the site for the purpose that Mr. Villanueva intended, let's just find ways to prevent it from bleeding into the other stuff and annoying people (well, mostly, me)

I think it would be great to hear from Mr. Villanueva.



by RJ Santos on August 4, 2010 - 11:31am

Sir Noid, hi :D

I agree with the third option, that each assignment gets one thread, instead of us looking at a lot of posts with the same topic.

The problem I see here though, is that these students don't care a thing about what they are doing. They probably just post their stuff, send their teacher the link, and forget their account til the next time they need to post their assignment. That's what I think anyway. And if what I think is right, they shouldn't post any of their stuff anywhere in the net. They should discuss it inside their classroom. That is, if Mr. Villanueva really cares what they're supposed to do in class.

by Rom on August 4, 2010 - 11:45am

creating a Yahoo groups for these students is more appropriate para sa kanilang circle lang umikot ang usapan nila (kung may usapan nga) 



by Jack Alvarez on August 4, 2010 - 12:21pm

I agree with you, Rom. Creating a Yahoo group is the most possible way at ang pinakamaganda nilang gawin. O di kaya sa ibang site (like multiply) dun mas magandang gamitin for thier literally discussions.

Tas pag na-edit na at finalized na ang kanilang mga ginawa, pwede na nilang i-post.

kasi nakakalokah na kahit 'copy-paste' nila sa ibang article ay dito pino-post.

nakakahiya naman kung ganun... baka sabihin, nangongopya rin ang ibang FW writers at bloggers.

by pamela denise besa on August 10, 2010 - 9:51pm

pamela deniseTo all the members of the FW, especially to the creator of this very internet savvy website, I, in behalf of my classmates, apologize for what happened. I had read your message to Mr. Villanueva and I realized how grave of an issue we have gotten ourselves in. I understand that you really love this site. It was not in our intentions to ruin the FW nor to disappoint all of you as professional writers. Maybe you just misunderstood what our professor wanted to teach us—he wanted to expose us to this kind of environment—with professional writers for us to learn from, and at the same time, for us to appreciate literature, and give importance to it. What’s the sense of learning all the basic information about literature if we students would not widen our minds about art and literature? If we, ourselves wouldn’t understand literature internally, externally, and most of all socially. All we wanted was to learn from your comments and reactions about the blogs that we posted.

I admit that some of us plagiarized documents, some didn’t know how to use correct grammar, and were not really good in writing compositions, but those are the reasons why we were at FW—to learn from you and, if luck would allow it, for you to discover some of us who have potential in writing but needed to improve. We need to be exposed to the world not limited to the confines of our classroom and we find FW as a very encouraging teacher and an accommodating environment.

On the other hand, I fully understand your point. We still had done something wrong and I was hoping that all of us, as Mr. Villanueva’s students, will learn a valuable lesson from our mistake and become an improved individual someday because of what happened. This is a very serious issue and we want it to be resolved. You made us realize that posting blogs in FW should be a task for us to learn from instead of doing it just in completion of a requirement. Most of all, we would also like to apologize to the one and only person who had put his name at stake for us—Mr. Villanueva. We are really very sorry for what happened. I know that what we’ve done was really an insult to you but still we thank you for letting us find ourselves and for giving us the chance to change. 

Both of you made us realize how irresponsible we have been. Thank you for the guidance and we are sorry to the FW members and to Mr. Villanueva.

Lastly, to my classmates: guys, please cooperate and be responsible. We are no longer high school students; we should know when to be serious and when not to play around. This issue serves as a lesson for everybody. Let us clean up our mess here in this site. 

Thank you and good day.

by Patrickman on August 21, 2010 - 8:58am

ok, this is a late reply, since it's been weeks since my last visit here sa FW. and for me: PROHIBIT THEM FROM POSTING ASSIGNMENTS/TERM PAPERS ON THIS SITE. MARK THEM AS SPAM AND BAN THEIR ACCOUNTS IF NEEDED.


hindi naman sa pagiging makasarili pero since this site is primarily for literary/art works, other stuff na hindi naman talaga dapat naririto ay hindi dapat nandito. napakadaling gumawa ng isang e-group. doon na lang sila mag-post ng mga assignments.

pero exception na lang siguro kung ang assignment nila is about ORIGINAL WORKS OF LITERATURE OR ART then i would like to see those. aside from that, wag na lang.



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by cassandra on September 16, 2010 - 6:08pm

SSShh.. Secret lang natin toh

Tama ka patrick man, nakakairita kasi minsan  kasi basahin yung ibang gawa nila kasi minsan hindi maganda ang pagkaka-plot ng mga gusto nilang  kwento at kung ano ano pa. at minsan sa haba ng title ng gawa nila ay natatakpan ang ibang title na iilan lang ang letra/words.

Isa pa, madalas opinion lang naman nila ang sinusulat nila na minsan hindi tayo makarelate (lalo na ako) sa pinagsasabi nila. Para silang mga bisita sa school kung saan biglang papasok at mag-aalok na kung ano-ano produkto na di mo naman alam kung san gagamitin. Madalas mag sshare sila tungkol sa mga napanood nila na hindi naman nila maikwento ng maayos o maikwento ng buo. tsaka, teka bakit tayo ang dapat mag adjust sa Post nila dito? unfair naman dahil mas nauna tayo dumating dito ( ito na yung normal na ginagawa dito )tapos tayo pa yung magaadjust sa mga ginagawa nila. Pwede naman sila mag log-in dito bilang ''Filipino Writer" at hindi Bilang studyante na gumagawa ng assignments at term paper. MAlay ba natin sa mga discussions nila sa loob ng room nila. Tapos magpopost sila na kung ano-ano mga title about sa comparisson ng dalawang kwento/pelikula.

Gusto ko lang po mangyari ay, mag sign-in sila dito bilang ''Filipino Writer" kung saan mula sa puso nila yung pinopost nila dito. hindi yung ginagawa nilang Bulletin Board ang site. Hindi ko pinagkakait ang site na to sa kanila (kahit wala ko karapatan) pero sana wag nilang ipagkait ang Chance NG MGA GUSTO BUMASA/MAGBASA sa mga bagay na gusto nila matutunan o makapag patanggal ng stress sa buhay nila. Yung hayaan yung mga mambabasa na makita ang laman ng puso namin dito bilang manunulat at hindi yung laman ng ulo nila na natutunan nila na hindi naman namin natutunan kasi wala kami sa "Paaralan nila".Mas madami naman siguro ang mga regular na dito magbasa kesa sa kanila na gumagawa ng term paper o assignments o kahit ano pa.

Isa pa, Hindi lang naman isa ang naiinis na, kundi lagpas na ata kami lima.magsulat sila ng kahit ano, basta trip nila isulat. hindi yung magpopost sila dito kung ano yung pinag-aaralan nila sa school nila na may katumbas na grade. Si Sir  noid nga pinagpopost kami dito ng walang kapalit na grade e, with matching mga annoucements na makakatulong sa amin bilang writer. sakaling gusto namin seryosuhin ang pagsusulat. Tsaka ang mga pinapanood namin ay IBA dahil nga may iba't-iba kaming mga trip nakaka connect-connect na lang kami kasi minsan nakikisimpatya/nakikiluha/nakikitawa/nakikipag-kwentuhan kami sa akda ng ibang mga writer o kung minsan nagkakataon na kaparehas sa sitwasyon/nararamdaman nila. E kayo?

yun lang po.. hayyyyy

by noid on March 28, 2011 - 3:43am

With recent events, this issue has surfaced again. On an experimental basis, let's see if the following solution will work: How to Post Class Assignments.

by Patrickman on March 28, 2011 - 8:39am

no, noid. just don't permit them to do it. aside from them, nobody else cares about them assignments anyway.


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