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Mga Buwayang Nakakalat

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May Nakita Akong Buwaya

Nakakalat at Malaya


Animo'y Tahimik

Pero Ito'y Nagmamasid


Nakakatakot! Walang Makalapit





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On Ducks



Holden, I know

Where ducks go

During wintertime,

When everything’s

Frozen and lonely:

They stay and slide

On thinly layered

Pond of black ice.

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Silence Will Fall


"How did you get it?"
She hit me with those words like a
Five-punch combo
That leaves you dazed, dizzy and dying
A statement to the multitude of unbelieving
Masses, those classes too focused on
Their tiny little lives to even
Consider about caring or carrying the burden of the sick 
To lift the veil of ignorance 
And get through the thick
Skulls of the uneducated, huddling downtrodden
Who make myths out of slayable monsters

This spoken-word piece served as my entry for the second round of Scarlet Letters from Baguio: a Poetry Slam for HIV awareness held last Nov 29, 2013. :)

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Nakahiga ang anino ng katawan mo sa kama


Nakahiga ang anino ng katawan mo sa kama
Hubad, kulay kapeng may dalawang kutsara ng gatas

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on imagined fear


There are times

when I feel people

around me, people

who at times have expressed

admiration and love to me,

hate me—it is as if

entering a pitch dark room,

and despite not believing

in ghosts, fearing

a lost spirit on the mirror.

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Balitang hatid ng hangin at laot,

Babalang tangan ng kulog at kidlat

Ang nagbabadyang bangungot.




Sinagot ng dagat ang hamon:


buntong hininga

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cradle song


I had found your cradle song

it was sewn right between the stars

where the moon had played a wind harp

in the soft 'thula' of the tides

it lingered upon the moonbeams

reaching far to where it belonged

if I could chase the notes -

if I could chase 'forever' -

then I will never let it go.



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Ang Laya Kapag Labis


Pinuputol ng tula ang sariling usbong

Minsan matutulog, minsan aahon

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Iniisip Kita sa Paraiso ng Pag-ibig


Iniisip kita sa paraiso ng pag-ibig

Sa pangarap na banig, ng tuwa at sakit

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