Silence Will Fall

by Unbeliever_Paradox ( | )

"How did you get it?"
She hit me with those words like a
Five-punch combo
That leaves you dazed, dizzy and dying
A statement to the multitude of unbelieving
Masses, those classes too focused on
Their tiny little lives to even
Consider about caring or carrying the burden of the sick 
To lift the veil of ignorance 
And get through the thick
Skulls of the uneducated, huddling downtrodden
Who make myths out of slayable monsters

This spoken-word piece served as my entry for the second round of Scarlet Letters from Baguio: a Poetry Slam for HIV awareness held last Nov 29, 2013. :)

Nakahiga ang anino ng katawan mo sa kama

by mdligaya ( | )

Nakahiga ang anino ng katawan mo sa kama
Hubad, kulay kapeng may dalawang kutsara ng gatas


by mdligaya ( | )

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cradle song

by ruiz ( | )

I had found your cradle song

it was sewn right between the stars

where the moon had played a wind harp

in the soft 'thula' of the tides

it lingered upon the moonbeams

reaching far to where it belonged

if I could chase the notes -

if I could chase 'forever' -

then I will never let it go.



Ang Laya Kapag Labis

by mdligaya ( | )

Pinuputol ng tula ang sariling usbong

Minsan matutulog, minsan aahon

Iniisip Kita sa Paraiso ng Pag-ibig

by mdligaya ( | )

Iniisip kita sa paraiso ng pag-ibig

Sa pangarap na banig, ng tuwa at sakit

Damdamin Ng Maralita

by RCantor ( | | | )




Ako'y Maagang Namulat

Sa Buhay Na Mahirap


Tiyan Palagi Ay Kumakalam

Pag-asa Ang Basurahan Na May Tira -tirang Ulam




Ito ang Katotohanan na ngyayari sa ating paligid. Sa mata ng Diyos tayo ay pantay- pantay pero sa Mundong ating ginagalawan tayo ay nahahati dahil sa Pagnanais ng Kapangyarihan, Ang Mabuhay Sa Mundong Materyal.

Nakakalimutan na natin ang Katotohanan na ang bawat nararanasan natin sa Mundong ito ay pansamantala lamang, wala tayong maidadala na kahit ano kapag tayo’y yumao.


by Julius Cres Amigo ( | | )

In the line I seek

The picture of the two of us

Win or lose

Where the story goes

I had and loved before

Became a broken pieces

You and I just a sad goodbye


Day and night awake

Hoping for a chance to take

Heart can't stop tears from eyes

Don't know where to start

Be the one the hands to hold

To be forever till the end of time



I know it was my wrong

To leave you undecided 

It was so wrong to be alone

And to see you with another

Marrying him today


No Matter What

by Julius Cres Amigo ( | | )

I sat down to watch the stars

Coming from the distance..

With the moon that shines at night


When I met you

Like an angel so perfert, so sweet

i feel bloom

Everytime when you're here I'm alive



Baby I'm in love with you

With your smile I feel like

In heaven with you

I'm in love with you

I just can not deny

That baby I'm in love with you


When you cry

My heart can't stop being so lonely

I feel blue

I feel I'm so attached to you



Saranghe (I Love You)

by Julius Cres Amigo ( | | )

Everyday makes me wonderful

Down to my heart I know that you are the one

On every song makes we wanna fall

Right from the soul, oh, it connects us


Even the time in a minute away

Read on my mind, girl, it's full of your name

During at night, I wanted you arms

To make me stronger, make me fine



You're my universe, you're so beautiful

Going fast heartbeat, shouts you and I

Borrowed time, oh, take me with you

Send an angel kiss, this love will last

Girl, Saranghe.


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