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Composition (j.luna)

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How one sets aperture

distorts not reality— it is the crop.

Though underexposure dims

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Tula ng 17-year Old Boy

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A 17-year Old Boy


Minamahal Kita Sa Katabi Mong Tabing


Minamahal kita, sa katabi mong tabing

Sa alikabok ng kalsada

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The Traitor Friend

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He didn't tell anyone he would come, 
And no one even invited him in too. 

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Kissing A Hand

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Kissing a hand now seems gone, 
I wish to see it yet find not one, 

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Nature Makes Us Wonder

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Nature, God's perfect piece of art. 
The intricate hues of flowers, 

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He Didn't Know

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Thank You, Lord

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I open my eyes as I woke up today, 
And thanked God am still alive and free. 

My Solitude

As he cries a thousand times
He has been in this absurd world
He portrays what he felt
He just make a life of it
In his mind he lies awake
Thinking of the things that passed
And as he tries to beg for help
The shadows formed begins to fade
Tyrone Keith Sadian

This is dedicated to everyone who thinks they are all alone and no one cares about them.

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While I Wait


Walking on this lonely road

Without a place to call my home

Wilting flowers' all I see

Washed away by evening breeze


All the needs I barely had

All the wants I'll never have

Alluring memories of past

Asking why they didn't last


In this journey that I face

I surely wouldn't want to haste

Instant judgements might lead wrong

In proving others I belong


Time will heal all wounds, they say

That it is worthwile just to wait

Tinkering on time's own pace

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