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first time ko sa site na 'to, kind of nawawala... basta gusto ko lang i-release yung mga images na nasa isip ko.lundagan ng lundagan e hindi ko alam paano pakawalan ng may saysay... got lots of ideas but dont know how make it work! accident lang ng masearch ko ang site ne 'to, or call it devine interventaion. i'm just searching on how to make a cand--or better yet, i'm searching on how to make money-- but here i am, trying to get some disturb attention or maybe someone who has the same problem with me, it's been a dream to write a novel, a book, a film...but all was a dream until much inferiority i think...but who doesnt have one? kahit pa siguro presedente merong inferiority complex... anyway, im jusy looking a place to post my thoughts, trying to search writing competition kahit hindi ko alam papaano sasali o gagawin... if ever, you are the same with me...maybe we can work things out by collaboration...just hoping... dont know when can i visit this site again, or if i can still visit the site, but i'll try asap. just hoping to hear someone like me. text me

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Scriptwriting Workshops With Jose Javier Reyes

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Award-winning writer and director Jose Javier Reyes announces the launching of IMAGINE NATION, a media workshop center for aspiring and professional writers and practitioners for film and television.

IMAGINE NATION will provide a series of short term basic, advanced and specialized courses in various aspects of film and television production. Direk Joey will personally conduct these sessions limited to a maximum of 15 selected participants. Each course will cover ten lecture and two viewing sessions.

For its initial offerings, courses in Basic Television Writing and Basic Screenwriting will be opened. Applicants are required to submit their biodata, two id photos as well as a sample of their writing in either English or Pilipino not exceeding two pages. A personal interview will be scheduled by Direk Joey for the final selection of the participants.

All sessions will be held twice a week at Imagine Nation, located at Scout Tuazon Street in Quezon City. Interested parties may call Jeremy Santiago at 4121469 from 10 am to 5 pm for details.

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Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros at Sundance

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Congratulations are in order to the team of scriptwriters/filmmakers Auraeus Solito, Raymond Lee, Emman de la Cruz and Michiko Yamamoto for their digital film Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. The film already reaped honors in film festivals in Canada including the Golden Zenith award in the First Films World Competition of the 29th Montreal World Film Festival, and now Maximo is the first Filipino feature to be included in the World Dramatic Competition Films for Sundance 2006.

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Trip to Quiapo -- Section One: Mga Pundasyon

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1. Ang Pagpunta sa Quiapo.

Hindi ka tuturuan ng librong ito kung paano magsulat. Buhay ang gagawa n’on.

Kung naituturo ang pagsusulat, disin sana’y kasingdami ng tinapay ang magagandang scripts.

Hindi rin ibibigay ng librong ito lahat ng sagot. Kagaya sa tunay na buhay, walang iisang pormula sa pagsusulat. Ikaw ang maghahanap ng sagot.

This article is excerpted from the screenwriting manual Trip to Quiapo with permission from the author, Ricky Lee. Ricardo Lee, aside from being one of the premier scriptwriters in the Philippines is also a multi-awarded fictionist, journalist, and playwright. He is also one of the 100 Centennial Awardees of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and a Gawad-Balagtas Awardee 2000 of the Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas (UMPIL).

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