The Passion Of The Christ


Last night we watched again The Passion of the Christ in DVD. It had still the same impact on me. I know that what happened thousands years ago was still far from the attempt of the movie to show the world what Jesus did for all of us. But still I cringed on the sofa whenever people tortured the character Jesus in the movie. As the movie played on, a quick flashback of my life was also playing in the corner of my head. I was feeling so much pain for failing the LORD many times before, and I felt so blessed and thankful that He did the cross for me, for us.

Christianity in the Philippines are divided and mixed by traditions, cultures, and many other factors. It is sad to know that many people just take what others are telling them without consulting the ultimate Truth which can only be found in the Bible. In a classroom, it composes of many different beliefs that the only way for you to know the truth is by reading your Bible everyday.


"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness." (2 Timothy 3:16 NIV)


I had a friend who told me different things about Jesus Christ. When I asked him if he was reading his Bible at all, he told me he was not. As I talked more with him about his religion, it turned out they don't readthe Bible at all. I wondered, how could you entrust your salvation and faith on someone as imperfect as you are? When people would understand the story ofthe cross when they keep uttering memorized prayers that if you ask them about it, they don't understand? Many are doing things they don't even know why.


When I attended the Pre-baptismal with a friend this last Wednesday, I learned the following from the old lady as she discussed the reasons of their faith. She reminded me of my grandmother.

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